Popcorn and Holiday Plants

Things You Need To Know: 

  1. Sale dates are September 15th to October 23rd for non-online orders.  Sale dates for online popcorn sales are August 27th to November 26th.
  2. Popcorn and Holiday Plant fundraisers are separate fundraisers, so payments should be kept separate in their respective money envelopes for easier completion of paperwork.
  3. The packet includes a color brochure/order form for popcorn, a money envelope for popcorn, an order form for Poinsettias, a color brochure for Holiday Greens, a money envelope for Holiday Plants, and “Holiday Gift” (i.e. Mail Order) order forms.  If a scout needs additional forms (Awesome!), please contact Mrs. Pachla.
  4. Try to collect all money at the time of the order. Checks should be made payable to Troop 165.
  5. Both Popcorn and Holiday Greens/Flowers orders will be delivered to The Pachla’s house at 869 Lombard Dr, Crystal Lake, 60014.
  6. Make sure you SEAL and TALLY each money envelope before turning them in.  All orders MUST be returned to us no later than October 23rd.
  7. Profit distribution will be based on volume levels for each fundraiser.  If a scout sells under $100 for either fundraiser, they will receive 50% of the profits for that fundraiser.  If a scout sells between $100 and $300 for either fundraiser, they will receive 60% of the profit for that fundraiser.  If a scout sells over $300, they receive 70% of the profit from that fundraiser.  Thus, a scout who sells $125 in popcorn and $350 in Holiday Plants will receive 60% of the Popcorn profits and 70% of the Holiday Plant profits for their scout account.
  8. Special Details about each of the fundraisers are below.


  1. This is a Blackhawk Council sanctioned fundraiser, so it is acceptable for you to wear your uniform while selling.
  2. This year popcorn sales are available online for family and friends who do not live nearby.  These sales go towards both Council and Troop prizes.  If you want to sell online, you need to send an email to Mrs. Pachlarmeadtoys@gmail.com with the name of the scout and the email address of scout’s parents/guardian.
  3. Popcorn will be available for pick-up November 10th ONLY (time TBD), and it must be picked up November 10th since we need to make room for the arrival of the Holiday Plants.  Please notify Mrs. Pachla if you will not be able to pick up your popcorn November 10th.

Holiday Plants (Poinsettias and Greens): 

  1. This is a Troop sanctioned fundraiser, so you can only wear your uniform while selling the Holiday Plants if you are selling popcorn at the same time.
  2. The Holiday Greens are being supplied by Mickman Brothers in Ham Lake, MN. The Poinsettias are being supplied by Plant Marketing in Eau Claire, WI.
  3. Mickman Brothers do provide a “Holiday Gifts” (FedEx) option for those of you with family/friends who live out of town who want to order or be ordered for.  The items in this program are displayed in the Holiday Gift section of the brochure which is located in the back of the brochure (Do not be confused by the different prices).
  4. Both the Holiday Greens and Poinsettias are tentatively scheduled to be delivered on 11/22 which is the day before Thanksgiving.  We will need a lot of help to unload the truck, so plan to help if possible.  Orders will be available afternoon on the 22nd, and we want all orders picked up on the 22nd if possible due to the space required and the perishable nature of the products. If you cannot pick up on the 22nd, please give us advanced notice, so we can plan our storage space.

Selling Incentives: 

  1. The Blackhawk Council is providing prizes for popcorn sales which are as follows:
    1. Cheese Lovers Drawing: Any scout selling a Cheese Lovers Tin will be entered into a district drawing for an iPad Mini
    2. Trio Mambo Drone Drawing: All scouts will be entered into a drawing for every Trio sold. One entry per Trio. One prize drawing per district.
    3. $2500 incentive:  Sell $2500 of Popcorn and receive one of the prizes on the back of the brochure.
    4. Fill A Form:  Fill a complete form of Popcorn and receive a $10 Gift card to a scout shop
    5. Braves of Blackhawk:  Sell $350 and get an honorary patch.
    6. Special prize drawings at Air Camp. Bring a copy of your order form. Minimum of 10 items sold to enter a raffle. If a scout sells 10 Bears or Packers tins can enter special Bears or Packer's raffles for a jersey or tickets to a game.
  1. The Troop Committee is providing prizes which are as follows:
    1. Top Performing Scouts:  The top-selling scouts in each of the 2 fundraisers will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.
    2. Additional Raffle: Sell at least $250 in either fundraiser and be entered to win additional gift cards to the Scout Store, local ice cream shops and others TBD at the December Court of Honor. (One entry for each fundraiser)
    3. Volume Incentive:  These will be done through the profit distribution.
    4. Patrol Contest:  The top-selling patrol (both fundraisers combined) wins a Patrol outing in January, paid for by the troop.

If you have any questions on any of the details for the Fall Fundraiser…

Please contact Mrs. Pachla at (815) 954-7278 or e-mail her at fundraising@bsatroop165.org