Mulch Fundraising

Scouts & Parents,
It is time once again for our annual mulch fundraiser for summer camp. Our 4 delivery dates are 4/18, 4/25, 5/2 and 5/9.
We had to shift some of the install dates due to the COVID-19 virus "shelter in place" order, but we proceeding with delivery only orders.  The order forms and volunteer forms can be found here:
You can use the paper order form, on-line order form, or a mix a both.  Use whichever is easier for you and your customers. Paper order forms can be dropped at the Pearson residence.
Remember Scouts, your PLC is requiring you to earn 2 of your 3 vesting points by working 2 of the 3 install days.  The last point can be earned by either selling 6 yards of mulch or working the remaining install day.  Remember, 3 vesting points are required to be fully vested so you receive the maximum value for summer camp or high adventure camp.
Since everyone is still under the "shelter in place" order by our Governor, we understand that currently, Scouts cannot go out and sell mulch in person.  Therefore, Scouts, if you need the names and phone numbers of the customers you sold to last year or if you are a new Scout looking for some potential customers while we are still under the Governor's order, please contact Mrs. Pearson or by calling, 815-355-0358, and she can share the customer contact info. with you for your use.  As always, follow the 2 deep leadership rules and make sure you copy your parent on an e-mail or have your parent on speakerphone with you when you make the call.
I look forward to working with you on another successful mulch fundraiser.

Mr. Pachla
Mulch Fundraiser Chair
Life to Eagle Coordinator
ASM Troop 165