Giving boys opportunities to explore and learn more about the world that surrounds them, paving the road to become an Eagle Scout. 


Giving boys opportunities to explore and learn more about the world that surrounds them, paving the road to become an Eagle Scout. 

Summer Camp- Gerber Scout Camp 

Dates:    June 18, 2017 - June 24, 2017 

Drop off:  Sunday, June 18, 2017, 6:00 am at Crystal Lake Nature Center

Pick up:  Saturday, June 24, 2017, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Crystal Lake Nature Center

Location:  Gerber Scout Reservation, Twin Lake, MI 

Cost:  TBD

Contact:  Mr. Mortiz

Permission Form 

Food Allergies Form 

Medication Dispense Form

Sumer Camp Inspection List

Summer Camp FAQs


Please make sure you have turned in ALL of the following items by their due date.
Permission Slip (attached) – 6/13


Payment ($50 deposit) – 6/6


Activity Shirt Order Form – 5/31


Merit Badge Selections (except 1st year scouts) – Past due


BSA Health Form (A, B, C and Ins. Card x3) – 6/13
Tuesday, June 6 – Swim Test @ Sage YMCA:
If your scout is unable to attend, they will have the chance to be tested at camp shortly after arrival.
Final week before camp:
Monday – Make sure that your duffle bag and daypack is packed. The recommended packing list is attached. Please allow your son to pack his own bags. He will need to know how to find what he’s brought with him.
Please note – DO NOT PACK YOUR UNIFORM, SWIM SUIT/TOWEL or YOUR RAIN GEAR into your duffle bag. You may need all of these items for the ride to camp and as soon as you get to camp.
Tuesday – At the Nature Center.
This will satisfy Tenderfoot req. 1a (present yourself to your leader prepared for an overnight camping trip). We will be holding the duffle bags in the troop trailer until we leave. Day packs will go home with you.
1) Daypack/Duffle Bag Inspection starting at 7 pm. We will have several tables set up to do the inspection. During the inspection you can pick up the troop activity shirts you ordered.
1a)If you do not have a Totin’ Chip or Firem’n Chit, but plan to earn it at camp, you will need to turn in your knife and/or matches to the Scoutmaster in a zip-lock bag with your name on it. It will be given to you once you earn you card.
2) After your scout has had his gear inspected, we will be loading it into the Troop Trailer. Please pack tight with all of the gear tied together. No loose sleeping bags or sleeping pads.
3) As soon as he is done, you can take your son home. Please do not just drop him off and leave. After he is finished there really isn’t anything else for him to do.
WednesdayFriday – Do your chores, ask your mom or dad what you can do to help around the house.
Saturday – Heading out tomorrow. Pack your (non-refrigerated) lunch for the drive to camp. Pack your personal electronics in a gallon ziploc bag (label with your name and Troop 165). Put your lunch, electronics, towel, rain gear and a water bottle into your daypack (school backpack works great). Remember to make sure everything is labeled with your name and Troop 165.
Get a good night sleep. Remember to tell your parents thanks for helping you go to camp. All the work is done.
Sunday – The Fun Begins
1) Have a good breakfast.
2) Put on your uniform – per the Senior Patrol Leader – no need to wear your neckerchief for the week. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes if you haven’t completed the swim check in advance.
3) Meet at the Nature Center Parking Lot (6:00 AM) – Please do not be late. We have a lot to do and not much time to do it especially with so many Scouts going to camp.
4) Turn in your medications in their original container (placed in a ziploc bag labeled with your name and Troop 165) to the medication coordinator along with the medication permission slip. If your son has any food allergies please turn in food allergies form along with medication permission slip.
5) Take some troop photos, say a troop prayer and load into the vans and cars.
6) Leave the Nature Center. We will be leaving at the planned time – If you are late, your parents will be driving you to camp.
I’ve also attached a list of the Frequently Asked Questions about summer camp. Please look this over even if it’s not your son’s first summer camp.